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  1. Hello!

    My friends and I would like to come to one of your classes and were just wondering if there’s one on tonight – Weds 14 November?

    Also, do we need to bring materials or are they already provided?



  2. Hiya i am a trainee teacher and one of my students would like to develop on his life drawing for his portfolio to enter Westminster University i have advised him to attend your sessions would there be any discounts?


    • Hi Amzzy,

      Thanks for getting in touch. At the moment we charge a flat fee of £6 per class in order to cover the cost of room hire, materials and the model’s fee. Unfortunately at the moment we aren’t in a position to offer discounts but we may be able to revise this if our attendance grows in future.


  3. hey im a fashion student and wanted to attend your life drawing class for my portfolio work. i wanted to know when is your next class and do we bring our own materials or you provide them. i have a number of students whom are intrested
    will be waiting to hear back from you
    thank you


    • Hi Adeel, how are you? Our next class will be in January – details are yet to be confirmed. We provide all materials, paper etc. so no need to bring anything. Would you like to be added to our mailing list to receive notifications of future classes and events? We normally send one email a fortnight so your inbox wouldn’t be overloaded :)


  4. hey yeah thats fine thank you. do we have to book our seats because they are near enough 9 tp 10 students whom are intrested in coming it could either be less or more depends. so do we have to book our seats or do we just come in?

  5. Thanks Adeel, I’ve added you to our mailing list. Our venue for the next art class will be confirmed shortly – we’re hoping not to have to restrict places but it depends on the size of the room. All will be confirmed in a mail-out in due course, hope that’s ok.


  6. Hi there,

    Just wondering if you’re looking for any life models at all for your art classes? Would be most interested to partake!

    All the best,


      • I’m good ta, yourself? Sorry for snail-like response… Life modelling I have zilch experience in, only in A-level Art where I drew a life model, but have done a little hair modelling in the past. Any help?


      • Hi Jessica,

        We usually look for models with some prior experience. The main thing is to be able to hold a pose for up to half an hour – which means keeping perfectly still! It can be quite tough physically, which is something you might not be prepared for if you haven’t done it before. Obviously you also need to be comfortable being naked in a room full of people. If you’re still interested I can add you to our list and get in touch when a space becomes available.


  7. Yes please, if you could! Would be greatly appreciated; understand what it entails, not to worry!



  8. Hi!
    I’m 54 and male, and would like to model. No experience, but holding a pose for 30 mins shouldn’t be too demanding, and I’m perfectly comfortable being naked within a group.

  9. Hi, I’m 20 and female. I have prior experience and interested in modelling for classes. If you could let me know if there are spaces, that would be brilliant. Thanks

  10. Hi. I’d like to try a class. I’m a complete novice and would like to develop my drawing skills. What would you suggest I buy as a minimum before starting?

  11. Hi, I’m interested in modeling for your life drawing class. Im male, 41 y/o. No experience although I believe I wouldn’t have a problem holding a pose for half an hour. I’ve e-mailed my details to John Lynch but not sure he’s received them. Thanks

  12. hello, im a beginner not drawn since school. when is your next ‘drop in’ class and do i have to bring any pencils as i dont have any. Thanks so much! x

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